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by Reed on July 26, 2011

Google Products has undergone a redesign, and not just on the front end.

For years Google has not changed the data it allows in your data feed: Title, Description, Link, Image, Price, Category… there wasn’t a lot of other information you could provide that would help your listings appear more relevant to users (other than being a powerhouse like Amazon).

But now Google is asking more of its advertisers, and being quick to comply with new standards can give your listings a leg up.  First, Google now wants categorization in two ways… your category (i.e. how the product is categorized on your site, i.e. the breadcrumb) and Google’s category (find out where your products fit into Google’s categorization).  Also,  gender, size, color, age group, and material are all attributes you can now supply to give users a better idea of what your product is like while they’re comparison shopping.  And if you are not already submitting tax and shipping data, you are missing out on a great way to set your listings apart from the competition.

If HEROweb manages your Google feed for you, your feed is already upgraded to Google’s highest standards!  If not, explore Google’s new feed requirements and upgrade your feed to get your listings as much exposure as possible.  Your competitors are already getting to work on this… don’t be far behind!

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  • That’s really awesome; the efforts put by Google are awesome
    in this advertising world; categorization in Google is effective in this

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