A World Map Of Your Website Visitors

by Vanessa on September 19, 2007

There are so many widgets you can add to your site these days. Here is an interesting one. GeoVisitors is a tool from DigitalPoint.com that reveals where visitors to your site are coming from. Add the code to your site and you will end up with a button that looks like this:


Click on it and you will see a world map with balloons showing where in the world your visitors are coming from within the past 24 hours, like this:


You and your site visitors can see roughly what locations throughout the world have been to your site. This isn’t exactly an analytics tool, but just a visual way to add a little interactive fun to your site. Too many widgets can slow down your site considerably, and that is definitely undesirable, but Geovisitors should not be a problem, especially for smaller sites.

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