Utilize Coupons in Your Online and Email Marketing

by Vanessa on March 2, 2011

We recently posted an article on the HEROWeb site entitled “Utilize Coupons in Your Online and Email Marketing.” The article goes into some depth about strategies to utilize coupons in your marketing, including how to craft the wording of the coupon so that your customer gets an advantage and you don’t get taken advantage of. The article also includes ideas for ways to distribute your coupons, from ways that you might automatically think of such as emailing them in your newsletters, to offering coupons to shoppers while they’re browsing your site.

Check out our article on implementing coupons and let us know if you have a coupon success story let us know. (Also let us know if you’ve tried coupons and they didn’t work–we might be able to help you figure out why and improve the process for the next time.)

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    i read the article and its very helpful, thanks for sharing those tips. hope to read more articles from you.

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  • Great coupons and sure will try using them.

  • Interesting read and did make a lot of sense.

  • I never knew it even existed.

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  • They can be a big help to the average consumer.

  • Your info is greatly in report writing nice offering coupons to shoppers in your site.Thanks its  very helpful…

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