Social RSS Review– A third party Facebook Application that lets you import your blog to Facebook.

by Teija Stearns on September 17, 2010

Adding your blog posts to Facebook is a great way to generate more content on your page without extra effort and simultaneously promote your blog to a broader audience. You can import your blog into Facebook using Facebook’s Notes application. However, I find that Notes has some limitations. You can only import one feed and Notes does not display or indicate the source of the feed so there is no link back to your blog.

Social RSS is an excellent alternative. It is a third party Facebook application that is simple to install. Click here and then click the link “add to page” beneath the profile picture and select your page. To access the app go to your page –> Edit Page and scroll through the list of application to find it.

Social RSS allows you to manage multiple feeds and set options for each individual feed. For example you can set it so posts from Feed 1 will automatically post to your Page’s wall and you will automatically like the post. Social RSS also has a nicer interface and includes links back to the original blog post.

Social RSS also has a couple of paid features you can opt in for.  In the free version there is a limit of 3 posts per week. If you use the paid version ($24 per page per year) you can have unlimited posts. The paid version also includes metrics for tracking the number of clicks your posts receive.

There are a couple negatives to Social RSS. My biggest qualm is that the Social RSS tab takes forever to load. Probably not many fans would click on the tab, but if they did they probably wouldn’t stick around to let it load because it takes about 10 seconds. The other con is that fans can not read the entire post directly on the wall. They must click a link that whisks them away from Facebook and onto your blog. They can view your most recent posts in full on the RSS/Blog Tab but there is no link to the tab from the wall post.

Still, Social RSS is infinitely better than the Notes application and I encourage you to use it to import your blog on Facebook.

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