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by Vanessa on November 30, 2007

Play ButtonChances are you’re aware that even print publications like newspapers and magazines utilize audio and video on their websites. Search for “New York Times” and their website returns the title, “The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia.” So, when serving only written content isn’t enough for even a print publication, maybe there’s some substance to this idea of utilizing audio and video to create a more engaging website.

I’m not talking about starting a viral marketing campaign with some wacky interactive game or videos of your employees in chicken suits doing the Macarena, but if you wanted to take your marketing in this direction you certainly could. (If you do this, make sure to send me a link, I want to see it! lol)

What I’m talking about is simply harnessing the power of video or audio clips to provide more incentive for your customers to buy your products. I can think of a number of ways this would be beneficial.

  • A product that is complicated to use or install-post a video of the process. Even if you think a product is simple to use, it may not be for other people, and a visual of the process helps provide confidence to buy.
  • A product that is adjustable for the user’s size-post a video of the process.
  • A product that is meant to be used in conjunction with another product-post a video of the process.
  • Demos of just about any type of product.
  • Walk people through a more detailed description with up close images of almost any product-you guessed it, post a video.
  • Are you an artist or craftsman? Post a video of yourself making your art.
  • Do you sell handmade items? Post a video of the person making the item and talking about it.
  • Post video of real testimonials about your products.
  • How about a walking tour of your facilities? Yep, post a video!

Audio and video enrich a website and if used correctly can engage your customers on a deeper level than the written word alone. (But sites that automatically begin playing audio or video are often more annoying than effective.) Here’s an example of a site,, that uses video and audio effectively. From the left-navigation menu, click on ‘Daily Bite,’ and you are rewarded with a sound clip. posts video interviews, and features change. Another site,, sells engineered racing bicycles. The site was not designed by a professional so it is not as polished as you would expect for a highly successful company, but a large part of their success lies in their effective utilization of thorough product descriptions, historical archives, blogs, video and images.

Have you seen any examples of good use of video on a site? If so, please share them!

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