Mobile Ecommerce - Time to stake your claim

by Michael Stearns from HEROweb on February 18, 2010

There is nothing new about mobile devices. Hundreds of millions of people have their Iphone, Droid, or Nexus glued to their palm. But as wireless networks mature in the US in the next 12-24 months and the competition of the top platforms builds drives more sophisticated application development, we have the all the pieces in place for the wireless ecommerce revolution to begin.

Smartphones and mobile devices are rapidly transforming from being utilized as website browsing devices to website shopping devices.

If you are an Ecommerce site owner it is time to make sure that you have a mobile strategy in place that will give you maximum exposure across all platforms where your customers are living their online lives.

Check out some of my thoughts on this top in a 2/16/10 Mobile Commerce Strategy Post over at Practical Ecommerce. Do you need a mobile site? Your own Iphone app? Those are important questions to consider.

Here at MightyMerchant, we are putting the finishing touches on our Mobile MightyMerchant product. We are excited to be a part of the mobile extravaganza. Come join us for the show!

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  • n addition, mobile e-commerce is ramping up faster than online e-commerce, now making up 4% of total retail sales. In certain categories, such as computers, consumer electronics, music, movies, tickets, video games and ..

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