New site: Isle Of Skye Bagpipes

by Vanessa on November 25, 2007

Isle of Skye Bagpipes

A couple of days ago I mentioned that I wanted to share our new sites with you. We get to work on a lot of sites at MightyMerchant, and these great sites deserve a little exposure (and link love!) when they’re just getting started. This one,, went live on November 5.

The challenge for this site was to provide the many options that Isle Of Skye needed their customers to be able to select. MightyMerchant has a feature called “shared options,” which allows add-on choices. For Isle Of Skye, the options are a little more complicated, as some of them affect the price of the product and some do not. This is an important feature that many ecommerce merchants really need! In this example, in the drop down selection boxes you can see that some choices add on to the cost:

Bagpipe Options

Shared options goes one step further so that the customer could create groups of options that he will use over and over. For instance, if all of the bagpipes share the same Mouth Piece and Tuning Slide options, he can just select to use that Shared option group, rather than having to enter those choices for each product individually.

The couple who started Isle Of Sky Bagpipes, Mike and Sarah, are passionate about sharing their love of bagpipes and offering quality bagpipe merchandise. Mike has been the Director of Piping at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota since 1999. It’s great to have you aboard, Mike and Sarah!

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