How Many Domain Extensions are Enough?

by Carrie Todd-Michelson on July 18, 2011

Domain extensions are the domain name suffixes, such as .com, .net, and .org. With all of the country extensions as well as the specialty extensions,  there are over 200 extensions worldwide. And, soon, businesses will be able to buy (for a large sum of money) custom extensions.

So, how may extensions do you need to purchase?

In short, we do not recommend getting carried away with purchasing domains. If possible, you will want to get the .com domain name for your key brand name or the term you most want your business identified with.

There are several reasons why you might want to purchase a large number of domain names. These include:

  1. Taking preventative action to try to “lock-up” a particular brand or business name.
  2. To control misspellings or variations on your main domain name so you can route traffic to your site for those who mistype your name.
  3. You plan to develop multiple sites related to your main business focus.

While there is some merit to controlling your brand and preventing others from encroaching on your business name, we think you would be better off to focus your time and money on creative marketing rather than attempting to lock up a lot of domain names.

This article “Domain Name Registration: Tips on Domain Selection and Buying” is a great resource for selecting a domain name.

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