Holiday Messaging: It doesn't have to be FANCY to be EFFECTIVE

by Michael Stearns from HEROweb on November 23, 2009

Every major Internet ecommerce property has their holiday messaging in gear. Whether it is talking about your pet’s wish list or with their body butter-adorned Christmas wreath, the virtual gloves are off. It is time to seize those holiday sales.

What is going on with your home page? Have you gotten into the holiday spirit, or does your messaging scream “Grinch”?

Don’t be intimidated by the competition. Even if you don’t have the budget or ability to create fancy graphics, do SOMETHING to greet your customers for the holiday shopping season. Holiday graphics are preferable. But a simple text message will suffice. If you need an extra something, there are a range of holiday clip-art sources out there.

In this year of price-conscious shopping, a holiday special would be an excellent idea. If you are not prepared to do any product discounting, you can at least suggest some holiday gift ideas or put together a category of stocking stuffers.

Of course, better to encourage larger purchases. Maybe you can throw in a free stocking stuffer with a purchase over $50.

Be creative and have fun with the holidays. And if you haven’t gotten in gear, don’t wait any longer. Only 31 days ’til Christmas!

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