HEROweb "Name the Pup" Contest Results

by Michelle Agee on December 17, 2010


We have really enjoyed reading the variety of entries for the “Name the Pup” contest.

The first person to enter our contest was Amy Christiansen of Collector Vintage Watches. She suggested the name “Mightyduke” which is something of a mashup of our Software Platform “MightyMerchant” and the fictional Great Dane “Marmaduke”.

Other entries that incorporate our business names include “Mighty Mutt”, submitted by Annie Youngblood of Guts and Glory Tennis and “Hero Hound” sent in by John Youngblood, also of Guts and Glory Tennis.

Apparently John McDougall of MacDougall & Sons Bat Company LLC REALLY wanted to win as he submitted several clever entries including “HEROnymous”, which references our company name as well as prominent historical artist Hieronymus Bosch. John also suggested “Dog Almighty”, we really would like to use it, but we worry about the consequences.

Other historical name suggestions included “Balto” (a reference to the famous sled dog), suggested by James Michels and “Dempsey” (after the famous boxer Jack Dempsey), submitted by Ken Schaffner of Canyon Creek Taxidermy Studio & Gallery.


Marco Tjaden of Pond Merchant suggested we name the pup after his amazing fish Murray. We agree his fish is amazing, but we just can’t name our pup after a fish.

We also saw a bit of an international trend. Kathrina Smolka suggested “Waldi”, stating that in her native country of Germany, this is a typical name for a dog. Shelby Anderson submitted the name “Gordan” because the name means “Hero” in Scottish.

Of course, this summary wouldn’t be complete unless we made mention of the entries that made technological references. Peg Cozzi of At Home on the Sound entered the name “Glitch Buster” stating that “Mighty Merchant takes all of the glitches out of website management.” John Youngblood suggested “Dot” (as in, “Dot, come!”), and Miche Meizner of Shining Light Jewelry came up with FETCH (a reference to the FTP software).

These entries and many more, gave our judges a lot to consider and plenty of amusement before deciding that the winner is:


First submitted by John Youngblood of Guts and Glory Tennis. Congratulations to John, who will receive the $100.00 gift certificate to any online store that uses the MightyMerchant platform!

John Youngblood was not alone in suggesting “WEBster”, John MacDougal of MacDougal & Sons Bat Company LLC, and Shannon Spencer of Glasscraft Inc will both be receiving a small prize for submitting the winning name.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest and made it a success!


The HEROweb Team

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