Email Basics: Email Accounts, Email Forwarding, etc

by Vanessa on December 1, 2011

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Most business owners use email every day. Despite the rise in use of Twitter and Facebook, which is a way to potentially communicate with millions of people instantaneously and all at once, email is still the “default” tool for communication by most of us.

In our industry, we encounter many people–both customers of ours and not–who are not sure how their email works. Many people have one primary account, such as, and many other accounts related to their business, such as “sales@”, “info@” “news@” and others. Yet it is confusing how these accounts work together, and also equally difficult know what you should do if you ever get an “over quota” message or people tell you that emails to you can’t be delivered because your inbox is full.

If these are the kinds of questions you have ever asked yourself, head over to the HEROweb site and read the article we just posted, called Email Basics: Accounts versus Aliases.

Are you happy with your email experiences? Let us know!

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