Better than Bloggin'

by Michael Stearns from HEROweb on December 5, 2012

In the romanticized version of the web business, blogging is holds great appeal: you set up a blog, start writing some posts, attract scores of visitors, and see your revenue climb as these visitors morph into devoted customers who continually buy your products.

And then there is reality. Blogging takes perseverance, killer writing skills, and a strong tie-in between your blog theme and your product line. In order to actually convert your dedicated readers into paying customers, you have some work to do.

We see many site owners start a blog with grand ambitions, only to have the ambitions quickly whither as they struggle to find a voice and a readership. A blog lying fallow, with one or two posts during the course of a year, can cause more harm than good.

If you have an Ecommerce site and are considering getting start with a blog, we have a better recommendation: get started with an articles section on your website.

A simple articles section might not be quite as cool as a blog. But we urge you to forgo the fancy bells and whistles, plugins, and social widgets – at least when you are getting started – and focus on writing a handful of great articles at a pace that feels right to you. Your users won’t feel let down if you have an articles section on your site with occasional high-value entries. But if you have a blog link on your site, you better be prepared to back it up with some action.

Once you develop your voice, assuming you do write enough posts to develop a clear voice, you can upgrade your article section to a full-featured blog, including comments, a calendar, and some of the other niceties that come with blogging platforms, like WordPress. But before you get ahead of yourself, write a few simple articles. One step at a time is the surest way to get to where you are going.






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