Be Passionate or Die

by Michael Stearns from HEROweb on May 24, 2011

Ok. The title of this post is a little extreme. But as I prepare for my social media class tomorrow night, I keep on coming back to the idea that the small ecommerce site owner needs to share his or her passion in order to succeed.

As we look at our customers who stand out, a common theme is that they are able to convey their excitement and commitment to their work through their website as well as the other social channels in which they participate.

Want an example? Check out

From the logo, to the messaging, to the blogging and social media communication, this business radiates a feeling of joy and excitement about tennis and tennis racquet stringing. The site owner is clearly an expert in his subject matter and he communicates with a sense of conviction, humor, and intelligence about his products and field of interest.

The lesson is: don’t hold back. Share with passion and conviction about the business that you love. Your enthusiasm is sure to rub off on your visitors and customers.

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