Action Item for 12/7 - Start to Formulate Your 2010 Web Strategy

by Michael Stearns from HEROweb on November 25, 2009

Tomorrow, Thanksgiving, is a day for family, friends, and appreciation of the gifts in life. And, hopefully, you have the luxury to take the weekend to relax and spend time with those you love. But next week… I encourage you to set aside a chunk of time to start formulating your Ecommerce strategy for 2010.

Not that you need to nail it right away, but see if you can set the process in motion. Review your ’09 numbers, look at the opportunities and threats before you, and begin to formulate a plan for how to best use your time and resources.

I will have more to say on strategic Ecommerce planning over the next week.

We have put together an article on the HEROweb website called “What’s Your Web Strategy for 2010?” to help get you going. Have a look when the time is right and see if it helps get the creative juices flowing. And, in the meantime, all the best for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

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