40 Potential Press Release Topics

by Michelle Agee on January 6, 2011

Writing a press release is a classy way to sing your own praises. It lets people know what’s going on with your business and can have a positive impact on your search engine rankings. To spark your creativity, here is a list of 40 potential topics for a press release.
1.    Changes to shipping rates / free shipping offers
2.    Set straight common myths
3.    Hosting a contest, sweepstakes or promotion
4.    Hosting a seminar, teleseminar or webinar
5.    Important company anniversary (10 years in business)
6.    Merger or acquisition
7.    Opening a new office/moving locations (for those with brick-and-mortar stores)
8.    Providing free consultations or a free sample
9.    Receiving an award (your business, you personally, or even a staff member)
10.    Speaking at a conference or event
11.    Starting a sibling company
12.    Your company is sponsoring any kind of event
13.    Your company’s contributions to the community.
14.    New product or service
15.    You’ve added significant staff (either large numbers, specific important individuals or positions)
16.    New certifications and credentials achieved by your staff
17.    You’re offering a discount on your products or services for a special reason
18.    Announcing a media appearance
19.    Announcing holiday-related sales and events
20.    Announcing that you’re available to speak on particular subjects of interest
21.    Partnering with another business or organization
22.    Sponsoring an event or team
23.    Establishing a scholarship
24.    Offering internship program with local schools
25.    Working with or making a contribution to a charity.
26.    Fund-raising or other events for the local community.
27.    Taking major steps to go “green”
28.    Celebrating an important milestone (1000th customer for example)
29.    Hiring a new executive or changing ownership of the company
30.    Your business is being restructured (such as going from sole proprietorship to a partnership)
31.    Being recognized for an accomplishment
32.    Your customers’ success stories.
33.    New research findings related to your service or product
34.    Unusual products or services that you offer.
35.    Changing the company name
36.    Changing the prices of your products or services (decreases, of course)
37.    Changing the way your products are made
38.    New Website or major development to existing site
39.    Tips, lists or feature story (Top 10 Valentine Gifts, Turn your Tired Lawn into a Suburban Paradise)
40.    Your products have been upgraded or changed in some way

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  • This are the seven steps i follow for writing a press release,i hope this steps will be useful to some seo beginners and intermediates,How to write press release

    1.Write the headline. It should be brief, clear and to the point: an ultra-compact version of the press release’s key point.
    2.Write the press release body copy. The press release should be written as you want it to appear in a news story.
    3.Communicate the 5 Ws and the H. Who, what, when, where, why, and how. Then consider the points below if pertinent.
    4.Include information about the company. When a journalist picks up your press release for a story, he/she would logically have to mention the company in the news article. Journalists can then get the company information from this section.
    5.Tie it together. Provide some extra information links that support your press release.
    6.Add contact information. If your press release is really newsworthy, journalists would surely like more information or would like to interview key people associated with it.
    7.Signal the end of the press release with three # symbols, centered directly underneath the last line of the release. This is a journalistic standard.
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  • Distributing press release for announcing about your new product launch or your company growth can be benefit you by providing potential audience at your reach and can also give tons of good back links.

  • Writing a good press release in not an easy task.
    But after reading this blog i feel it will be much easier then before.

  • Press releases have been the most efficient way to get the news from the company or organization to the media outlets. Going online brings about major changes in the reach, the life span, the distribution, the way the news is used and the formatting of press releases.

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